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Property Management FAQ

By Liam Gedye

Should I use a Property Manager or can I rent my property privately?

Whilst you do not need a Property Manager to manage your property, many investors aren’t aware of the pivotal role they can play in the success if their investment. An experienced Property Manager can help save Residential Rental Providers a significant amount of time and money and make owning a rental property more rewarding.

To help you understand the value a Property Manager brings to your investment let’s look at their key roles:

  • Dealing with the numerous day- to-day tenant demands.
  • Advertising your property for rent.
  • Hosting open homes.
  • Finding and screening tenants
  • Managing the on-going reporting process.
  • Managing the lease sign-up process.
  • Managing budgets and financial records.
  • Managing regular inspections to ensure your property is being looked after it.
  • Managing the rent, including setting, adjusting and collecting.
  • Handling emergencies, complaints, evictions and other issues.
  • Knowing specific local Residential Rental Provider  – Residential Renter laws and looking after your renter.

For more information regarding our Property Management Services, please call Ray White Romsey office on 03) 5429 6655.

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